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Back in Germany

Tram 28

Tram 28

I’ve been ‘home’ for about two weeks now and it feels WONDERFUL! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I was gone for that long…oh geez, I was not singing that tune last month. I have a new countdown now: when I’m heading back to the states to see J and my family! I can’t wait, less than 50 days! I’m so excited to see the States and obviously loved ones–it’s been too long.

Bamberg is beautiful, like always, and next week Sandkerwa starts up. Which is their version of Oktoberfest. I like Sandkerwa much more, actually I prefer the small parish festivals over the large fests in general, but you can’t live in Germany for three years and not go to Oktoberfest, that’s sacrilegious.  The town festivals are generally smaller in size but packed with beer, food, and crazy shenanigans. I wish certain friends were here to take part in the festivities but I’ll just have to be extra-social.

In about a month I’m moving to Baumholder, which aside from being closer to Frankfurt and the airports, as well as Ramstein, I’ve been told it doesn’t have much else going on. Nothing like Bamberg–if you can’t tell, I’m in love with Bamberg and if you’re ever in the Bavaria region in Germany, I highly recommend a visit.

Last weekend I went to Lisbon, Portugal. A beautiful, vibrant city, that was filled with very pleasant people. For example, the baristo in the Starbucks I visited (more than twice) remembered my name and offered advice on where to visit and sights to see. I went to Cascais, Belem, and Sintra, all beautiful towns in their individual ways. Cascais had a vibrant beach and marina, Belem had a large, clean park and yummy pastry (found everywhere but the “original” was there), and Sintra was a quaint town with luscious views of the area.

Here’s the link to my Picasa Album:

Lisbon Photos

*80% are not edited. The camera used was my new toy, the Nikon D7100. Loved it. I’ll write a review once I get a solid grasp of what I’m doing ; )

Hope you’re doing well. Enjoy the photos. Comments/suggestions/feedback are always appreciated.

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Home Stretch

How I’m feeling about my return to Germany, land with real food and drinks, clean air and my own bed/shower/apartment:

Getting Excited!!!

Good Day!

I’m in the home stretch for my return (redeployment) back to Germany! I’ve already planned my first trip for when I get back–Lisbon, Portugal. J has already been there and I haven’t been to any portion of Portugal, the idea being not to explore too many new places without each other. Figured Lisbon would be the perfect place to relax, enjoy good wine (Port), Fado, and spend some quality alone time w/ myself and a city.  If you randomly stumbled across this post because it included the tag ‘Lisbon’, and you have recommendations or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

This quick trip will probably be the only vacation/down time I’ll have for the first couple months back, I’m moving across Germany to a new post/station for my remaining year.  My goal is to complete this move ASAP–beating everyone else who is on ‘block leave’ and settling into my new place before I take my block leave. That way I don’t have to cut my time short with J and my family and return to a half-finished move.

I said I’ll be posting more and I’m going to keep to this, more so when I return. This blog once was a place to post sites I found amusing, songs I thought the common reader would find interesting or enjoyable, and other random topics…this will more or less stay the same. I may add more personal travels and experiences, more personal photographs (a deployment gift to myself: Nikon D7100), and other hobby/interest-related posts (read: more personal). For example, being deployed I realize how much I miss making my own meals–especially those that are geared toward my tastes and nutrition goals, so don’t be surprised if I post pictures of my trials and errors with cooking or dedicate a whole post to promoting a Paleo (or not) recipe that I found worthy of sharing. Just a forewarning.

Well, I hope this post finds you well. Back to work. Take care!