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Back in Germany

Tram 28

Tram 28

I’ve been ‘home’ for about two weeks now and it feels WONDERFUL! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I was gone for that long…oh geez, I was not singing that tune last month. I have a new countdown now: when I’m heading back to the states to see J and my family! I can’t wait, less than 50 days! I’m so excited to see the States and obviously loved ones–it’s been too long.

Bamberg is beautiful, like always, and next week Sandkerwa starts up. Which is their version of Oktoberfest. I like Sandkerwa much more, actually I prefer the small parish festivals over the large fests in general, but you can’t live in Germany for three years and not go to Oktoberfest, that’s sacrilegious.  The town festivals are generally smaller in size but packed with beer, food, and crazy shenanigans. I wish certain friends were here to take part in the festivities but I’ll just have to be extra-social.

In about a month I’m moving to Baumholder, which aside from being closer to Frankfurt and the airports, as well as Ramstein, I’ve been told it doesn’t have much else going on. Nothing like Bamberg–if you can’t tell, I’m in love with Bamberg and if you’re ever in the Bavaria region in Germany, I highly recommend a visit.

Last weekend I went to Lisbon, Portugal. A beautiful, vibrant city, that was filled with very pleasant people. For example, the baristo in the Starbucks I visited (more than twice) remembered my name and offered advice on where to visit and sights to see. I went to Cascais, Belem, and Sintra, all beautiful towns in their individual ways. Cascais had a vibrant beach and marina, Belem had a large, clean park and yummy pastry (found everywhere but the “original” was there), and Sintra was a quaint town with luscious views of the area.

Here’s the link to my Picasa Album:

Lisbon Photos

*80% are not edited. The camera used was my new toy, the Nikon D7100. Loved it. I’ll write a review once I get a solid grasp of what I’m doing ; )

Hope you’re doing well. Enjoy the photos. Comments/suggestions/feedback are always appreciated.

Take Care,



Happy Belated Leap Day

Saturday Night--Thunderstruck & Roxanne

I guess I’ll get the bad news out first, I didn’t get into the program I wanted.

Alright, enough on that topic.  Moving on.

I’m in training for another two weeks in a small German town just north of Frankfurt. Pretty easy drive, which was nice, and the hotel is pretty snazzy. It’s for SHARP again, I’m not quite sure what else I could learn, but I’m sure there will be something new.

Worst part is paying for the internet. I’ve been out of the loop on everything, with my move and my phone out of service, I’ve been disconnected to the world outside of work hours. Naturally, with German customer service, I have no idea when I’ll be getting internet in my new apartment. Beer-good, autobahn-good, customer service (in general)-worst.

Speaking of the move, that went well. Lost a little bit in the security deposit for my old apartment but that was expected with the old landlords and their anal-attentiveness to their floors and walls. Sorry, I’m still a little peeved but I’ve considered it a sunk cost and again, moving on. Needless to say last week was pretty stressful with the move, training, and anticipation of cst.

Well March was the beginning of a new month and I’m ready to keep moving.  Trying to make concrete plans for a visit to the states, and on my 4-day weekends in Europe.

I have to go stretch and move around so I’m going to go explore the hotel (it’s huge) and the town. Hope all is well.


For Presidents Day Weekend I was flown to Charlotte, NC and spent the weekend in Columbia, SC & Gatlinburg, TN. I enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Appalachian Trail and delicious beer samples at the Smokey Mtn Brewery (seasonal one was the best)! I would say the person I was with was, by far, the best part.

I’ll post pictures soon.

Back to work. Now I’m a certified SHARP rep for the Brigade, which will be an additional duty. However, this new duty is slotted for a Captain. Where as the one I’m in now, I’m technically excess (I’m filling a Senior NCO’s spot–but any LT will work). This extra duty may work to my advantage on filling a higher ranking role. We will see. Best part, next week I get to attend a two-day training session in Western Germany and the week after that I’ll be exploring Garmisch, Germany for a week. Garmisch is one of the most beautiful spots in Germany. Wait for it…Uniform is business casual. Long hair don’t care! So I’m really looking forward to March, job-wise. And hopefully by then I’ll have an idea of whether or not I’m attending the CST Assessment & Selection. Which will mean a better idea of where my life/job can take me this upcoming year. Keep your fingers crossed…

Okay, back to watching “The Good Wife”…pretty good. Did I mention how much I loved “Homeland”, sooooo gooood!!!!!



Muppet Politics

Clint Webb for Senate. The Most Honest Politician: “For the last 15 years I’ve lived my life in such a bland, uncontroversial, and repressed manner that it’s almost unnatural” He’s got my vote.

I’m not that interested about the USA section but the fact that they have an egg pavilion is awesome. Random video but I’m headed over to Germany and it looks like this area is only 6 hours away. (TDW) Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who gets excited over a grocery store.

Here’s an incentive to go to the National Zoo in D.C: First Red Panda born in 15 years!

Animal from the Muppet’s battles Ok Go Drummer in a staring contest. Random, yes. Even more so is Zach Galifianakis in the background watching.  “Look at his month man” haha

Jon Stewart gives John Oliver a little history lesson. Daily Show (via Gawker)