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I’m back. Well, for now.

Recent trip to Belize

Recent trip to Belize-Caye Caulker

Hello! Just a quick update post. Hope you’re doing well. It’s a typical Wednesday night for me–perusing old Facebook pictures and blog posts, reminiscing on fonder times. Actually, it’s consisted of reading cringe-worthy statements on this blog and seeing pictures that should be erased from internet memory, Google did you get that? Please accept this as my “right to be forgotten” application, I can give you specifics later. Nah, I like the memories, they make me smile and laugh, it’s funny how time flies. So much changes, yet a lot stays the same. Enough of this. Speaking of gooey (I didn’t say it? Well, I was thinking it), I’m loving this song. Ah, The Foolish Wagon, I’ve missed you.

I’m in the midst of a major life transition; I’m getting out of the Army, pursuing a career on the outside, and weeks away from moving back to the United States! I couldn’t be more excited, anxious, and READY! Truth be told I’m not as ready as I’d like to be but, my excitement to start something new makes up for it. For the last six months I’ve been reading business books, cleaning up my resume, talking to friends outside the military, and for the last week and a half I’ve dived head first into a documentary series on modern business culture and life. You may have heard of it, “The Office”, it’s a great documentary, I’m on season 6 right now. I’m learning a great dealyes, I’m procrastinating, but only for another day.

On a separate note, here are a few things that I want to share, mainly just to fill this post:
John Legend’s “You & I (Nobody In The World)“. John (and Chrissy) can do no wrong. This video had me in tears.

Amy Schumer & Broad City also had me in tears, the laughing kind, and reminded me of how much I hate Germany’s block on YouTube/comedy central channels (thanks Hola).

I was browsing career guidance articles yesterday and came across this site: The Muse. I like its clean layout and mission; they believe that you can and should love your job*, as do I. I’ve read a lot about the importance of culture in a workplace and it’s shaping to be a determining factor in my job selection, along with location and whether or not I’m interested/passionate about the job.  I appreciate the Army and the military as a whole, but I wasn’t happy, and I discovered that I put great value on my level of job satisfaction. I believe you can be successful, however you define the word, and be happy in your job/career. Finding what you’re passionate about and working with your strengths and talents is my idea of having job satisfaction, and I believe with time and experience I’ll get there. The security of a military career was hard to leave, but if you’re not happy, then what’s the point. Over the last few months I came to realize another important truth, albeit through a different lesson–you are the only person in charge of your happiness. No one else. I choose to surround myself with positive people, so others make me happy by default. And I love comedies, so thank you genius comedy writers, you are also making me happy.  (If scary movies make you happy, that’s great, I get nightmares–I’m not joking, I avoid them at all costs ) However, in the military I lacked control of my career, and now with my service commitment fulfilled, I’m ready to take it back. There’s a lot you can control in your life, and a lot you can’t, so why not make the controllable work in your favor. I understand some may not have the luxury of changing jobs due to life circumstances/choices, fortunately, I’m not one of them. I’m in a place in my life that gives me the freedom to be flexible and try new things, and I’m ever so thankful.

Hmm, I went off on a tangent, a smug sounding tangent, my bad. point was this, or now it is–I’m venturing into the civilian world soon and I’m excited and optimistic for what this chapter holds–here’s to new beginnings and challenges!

And now, two compilation videos of my favorite character on “The Office”, Creed. 1 and 2

Here’s another song that’s getting a lot of playtime, in my home and car: Niykee Heaton’s “Bad Intentions“. Last one, Sam Smith. I love his whole album, especially “Like I Can” and “Reminds Me of You”, as well as “Nirvana“, which is an older one not on his recent album.  I love singing on my commute, and between these songs and the ‘Power Ballad’ playlist on Spotify, I’m nearly hoarse by the time I get to work. Few more: Hozier “From Eden“, Iggy ft. Rita Ora “Black Widow“, Chromeo “Lost On the Way Home“, Banks “Brain“, OK Go “The Writing’s On the Wall”, Sir Sly “Gold“, Panama Wedding “Uma“, and I’m listening to all of Bastille’s albumBad Blood. Okay, finito.

I apologize, this post was all over the place. It’s late and I’m beat. I’ll regret revise tomorrow. Good night!

See you soonmaybe


*taken directly from their “About Us” page, hope that’s okay


Of Monsters and Men and Women

I’ve been playing this song on repeat for the past two days. Since coming to Germany I’ve been slacking on the music scene, so if this is old, forgive me.

I’ve also been listening to Marina and the Diamonds new CD, Electra Heart. My favorites are “Teen Idle”, “Lies”, and “Primadonna”– which is the big single out right now. “Starring Role” sneaked out awhile ago, not sure if I mentioned it on here, but that was my absolute favorite for a month!

Not much is going on. Spring finally broke here in Bamberg! Actually, it hit 91°F…more like summer, but I’m not complaining!

Hope all is well!


RHCP for Easter


Other than an amazing Easter weekend in Columbia, SC, I don’t have much new to report.

Went to visit J for the short weekend and we were able to fit in a lot of fun activities. One of the greatest highlights from the weekend was seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve been wanting to see them live since I can remember and I finally got to see them Saturday before Easter Sunday! Santigold opened for them and she was amazing as well. Both performances were top-notch and I’d highly recommend if you get the chance to see them, to save the date!

The weather was gorgeous, much better than what Germany is experiencing right now–rain, gray, yuck–and Columbia has a great river-walk on the Congaree River which we took advantage of, I also took advantage of the stores and shops–no online shopping!

Work is going, same old same old. Had a project that I naturally procrastinated on…reminded me of being in college…fortunately, I was able to pull it off.  I’ll probably have to make adjustments and work on it a little more this week after they take a closer look and find my errs.

Travel plans in the future include a Mediterranean Cruise exploring the Eastern side–Croatia, Greece, maybe Turkey! Hopefully booking this week! Then we have a 4-day for Memorial Weekend, and a 4-day in June, both of which I have not made plans for yet. J will be here for both so I’m looking forward to enjoying the early summer with him.

Alright, kind of bland post, nothing major to report or talk about. Take care.

Enjoy the video. Found it on my quick nightly browse before bed.



slept on this one

I’m in training this week to be the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program  (SHARP) rep so I haven’t been that attentive to the interweb. Every now and then I’ll hear a fun (read: pop) song on the German radio station while driving to and fro and heard the above song tonight.  Thought it was catchy, and I’ve listened to a couple more of the artist’s songs and they, surprisingly, hooked me. It’s catchy/pop/girl-heavy songs so if that’s not your cup of tea then she’s probably not for you. Don’t be surprised if you hear her songs over the radio. (I’m not sure about the U.S. radio but I didn’t see that much on the internet when I was looking for her so I don’t think I completely missed the boat).

Not much else to report on the German front. Hope all is well with you!

Take Care


…and I like you a lot

If you need a little pep in your step—or a go-to workout jam…this should get your blood flowin!

Die Antwoord- ‘I Fink U Freeky’

All Day

All day it’s been raining…blah. On the bright side Girl Talk’s new album All Day is available! For free, like always!

Here’s a random link for good measure. 32 Undeniable Truths for Mature Humans #22 is what I like to call ‘the lazy man load’


We’re Young and We’re Bored

Here’s a music post. All random but hopefully you’ll find something you like. Here in the Deutschland the music is about 5 years late which is surprisingly awesome! They still play some new stuff but the majority of the songs date back to high school or early freshman year. Their throwbacks are ten years old which is even better–it really gets me (and all the Americans) giddy!

Before I left BOLC I got hooked on Rock Band (coughChristmascough) and it was an absolute blast to play, even sober ; ) One song on the game always got the other girl and I riled up haha. Also, parents, I would need a PS3 to play…just saying.

Throwback/Rock Band Song: Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

New Rihanna- S&M not for the bashful

Staying on the dance track, new Ke$ha- Blow ‘we’re young and we’re bored’ right on target

Simma down now: Rock City-Take Her Home and Bruno Mars- Grenade (if you saw her eyes open, weren’t your eyes open too? doesn’t add up)

Matt & Kim- Good for Great If you like Cameras you’ll probably enjoy this too

Cee-Lo Green-It’s Ok tell me your foots not tapping

Mashup: Brenton Duvall- Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs

Ellie Goulding- Your Song great cover of Elton John

I’ve been listening to Mumford & Sons for the past week, here are a couple highlights of the cd, in no particular order:

The Cave

White Blank Page

Winter Winds

Hope at least one song tickled your fancy. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll write again soon. Today I have one appointment to see an apartment and then I’m off to find a phone!! Windows 7 or Iphone?!!! Probably whichever one has the best deal…