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Rock Tumblr

I’m hooked.

Now I get all the jokes referencing tumblr, and how it’s just a black hole–sucks me in and it’s relentless, it won’t let me go. It’s not that bad, but it is a great time-killer. Here’s my favorite site:

Just finished Game of Thrones, pretty impressive show, looking forward to the premiere this Sunday, and of course The Killing also premieres (which was very good, TMC– so you know it’s good), so naturally I will not get much sleep on Monday when I catch-up.

A very generous person has sent me a couple GRE, GMAT, and MCAT test books so instead of killing time and watching tv before I go to bed (n/m right after work, that’s a different story), I’ve been skimming these books trying to remind my brain how to study. Hopefully muscle memory will start to kick in, though it wasn’t that strong before…

Off to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Looking forward to the weekend, I hope you all are as well, enjoy, and I hope the weather is nice!



For Presidents Day Weekend I was flown to Charlotte, NC and spent the weekend in Columbia, SC & Gatlinburg, TN. I enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Appalachian Trail and delicious beer samples at the Smokey Mtn Brewery (seasonal one was the best)! I would say the person I was with was, by far, the best part.

I’ll post pictures soon.

Back to work. Now I’m a certified SHARP rep for the Brigade, which will be an additional duty. However, this new duty is slotted for a Captain. Where as the one I’m in now, I’m technically excess (I’m filling a Senior NCO’s spot–but any LT will work). This extra duty may work to my advantage on filling a higher ranking role. We will see. Best part, next week I get to attend a two-day training session in Western Germany and the week after that I’ll be exploring Garmisch, Germany for a week. Garmisch is one of the most beautiful spots in Germany. Wait for it…Uniform is business casual. Long hair don’t care! So I’m really looking forward to March, job-wise. And hopefully by then I’ll have an idea of whether or not I’m attending the CST Assessment & Selection. Which will mean a better idea of where my life/job can take me this upcoming year. Keep your fingers crossed…

Okay, back to watching “The Good Wife”…pretty good. Did I mention how much I loved “Homeland”, sooooo gooood!!!!!



Modern Family: Mommy

Do yourself a favor and start watching this show

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Disney Mean Girls

Disney Mean Girls. Perfect.

Mraz and Bells

Jason Mraz – “What Mama Say” live at Long Beach, CA (Thanks Greg!)

Fun song, I couldn’t stop smiling

Dream Team:  James Mercer & Brian Burton (The Shins & Gnarls Barkley): Listen to Broken Bells entire album at NPR. I’ve been listening to this one all morning! Really excited for this one to come out.

extra: Pixar’s short film Presto. Watched Wall-E yesterday and then later last night my brother sent me this video-fate! Next feature film Toy Story 3!!!!!!!!!

Vampire and the Diamonds

Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, RZA, Lil Jon…what?!

I’m impartial to both (I’m not easily offended, unless you know me…then you know my hot spots) but here’s one woman’s response to the Dodge Charger commercial that aired over the Super Bowl. I have a feeling this one is going to be ‘most commented’. This is why.

If you’re a Ricky Gervais fan then you can check out the whole first episode of HBO’s new comedy series “The Ricky Gervais Show” on YouTube before it airs. I haven’t watched it yet, probably something I’ll watch tonight along with Archer and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Catch-up night! If I end up watching the show I’ll let you know how it is.

This was not intentional but I’ve been keeping one of my new favorite artists from my blog. Beats me why I never posted “Oh No!” or “Mowgli’s Road” but those two songs have been stuck in my head for the past month (on and off w/ Jason Derulo and Cascada songs). So here is a link to Marina and the Diamonds myspace page where you can listen to her new album due out this coming Tuesday.

team dinner then errands be back later

Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance(ing)

I’ve been dancing to these songs for the past 6 hours

Ke$ha- Take It Off Thanks Dylan!!!

Debi Nova- Drummer Boy

to go w/ the music theme of this post here’s NPR’s Anti-Valentines Playlist

personal favorite’s: JT-Cry Me a River and Flight of the Conchords-I’m Not Crying

off the music track…

Toy Story 3 Trailer