Well, I wrote a post but, again, it didn’t post, and this time it didn’t save either. So long story short, the cruise was amazing. The people I went with made the trip but overall I don’t think cruising is my preferential way of traveling–it was the most cost-effective way to see 5 hotspots in the Mediterranean and fun–but 7 days is just enough, any longer I would’ve become diabetic and/or walked (rolled) away with high blood pressure from all the salt ; )

J and I will be heading to the Cinque Terre for the 4day!!! I can’t wait, it’ll be just the two of us, full of long hikes, fresh seafood and Italian wine, beaches, sunsets on the Riviera…can’t wait!!

Oh, and I don’t have internet at my house (for the past three weeks…I hate Vodafone, have I mentioned that before…hate them!) so I’ll be slowly keeping up with the world/facebook/news/jokes via my work computer. Poor J has been stuck at my apartment for most of the day bored out of his mind…except for when he’s cleaning–what a man! Any who, hopefully when I get back from the coast I’ll be able to upload pictures and post about my trip from the comfort of my couch.


Alright, adios, or ciao!



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