Costa del Sol

*Disclaimer: I wrote this on 30May…it never posted, sorry!


It’s been awhile, my apologies. I have a good excuse! J arrived last Thursday and over the Memorial Day Weekend (4day), him and I, along with 5 others, took a trip to the Costa del Sol region in Spain. We stayed just outside of Marbella in this great apartment complex (dirt cheap) within 400m of the beach. The first day we checked into our rooms and headed straight to the beach. We drank Sangria and cervesa’s on the beach and stayed until the sun set…which was never (it was late…9pm the sun finally tucked behind the mountains).

On Saturday we took a quick trip to Gibraltar. I didn’t realize the territory was a British Overseas Territory, so we had to go through customs entering and leaving the state. Once we arrived in the city, we ventured up to the top of the Rock, via gondola, played with the famous “wild” monkeys and soaked in all the fabulous views. In the distance we saw the African coast and on the other side we saw Spain, in between were hundreds of ships and vessels making their way through the strait. We had planned on going by ferry to Morocco but leaving Gibraltar took over 2 hours and by that point we ended up calling it quits and heading home.

Our final day was beach day. We ventured over to “Nikki Beach”, which I had never heard of before but apparently is a well-known “brand” beach (? whatever that means), and stayed there most of the day. The stay was over-the-top. J and I ended up getting a bed on the beach while our compadre’s all got lounge chairs right next to us. We had Sangria–white, red, and champagne, all day, and basked in the sun. This was wayyy too much/high maintenance (read:expensive) but the food, drinks, and company were amazing and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m writing it off as a check on the bucket list: living like a 1%’er (we all felt like rock-stars!). That night, we went into Marbella for a bullfight. Another check-off the list, however, to be honest, it was anti-climatic. It was sad seeing an innocent animal die (get murdered) and after the first victim the rest were all the same. They put 4 bulls total through the ringer, pun intended. A little excessive in my opinion. Also, there was no one in the crowd. So unlike a competitive sports match, the energy of the stadium fell a little flat. But…like I said, it was something I could say I’ve seen and experienced.

We had an extremely early flight the next morning, left the apartment complex at 4am, made it back to Munich around 9, and arrived in Bamberg around noon. Fortunately, it’s a short work-week and not much going on, so being tired and sluggish at work on Tuesday went unnoticed. ; )

On a future note: two of my closest friends, who also went on this past trip, will be joining J and I on my next venture. We head off to Rome on Friday and start our 7-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise!!!! We’ll be hitting Greece, Turkey, and Sicily as the highlights. I stupidly forgot my camera on the trip to Costa but I will not make the same mistake this coming week. I will steal J’s pictures and post them from this past week, that way you can still see some of the highlights. Don’t expect them any time soon though, definitely after the cruise.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll write more after the cruise, as well as post pictures. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Take care, and be safe!



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