RHCP for Easter


Other than an amazing Easter weekend in Columbia, SC, I don’t have much new to report.

Went to visit J for the short weekend and we were able to fit in a lot of fun activities. One of the greatest highlights from the weekend was seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve been wanting to see them live since I can remember and I finally got to see them Saturday before Easter Sunday! Santigold opened for them and she was amazing as well. Both performances were top-notch and I’d highly recommend if you get the chance to see them, to save the date!

The weather was gorgeous, much better than what Germany is experiencing right now–rain, gray, yuck–and Columbia has a great river-walk on the Congaree River which we took advantage of, I also took advantage of the stores and shops–no online shopping!

Work is going, same old same old. Had a project that I naturally procrastinated on…reminded me of being in college…fortunately, I was able to pull it off.  I’ll probably have to make adjustments and work on it a little more this week after they take a closer look and find my errs.

Travel plans in the future include a Mediterranean Cruise exploring the Eastern side–Croatia, Greece, maybe Turkey! Hopefully booking this week! Then we have a 4-day for Memorial Weekend, and a 4-day in June, both of which I have not made plans for yet. J will be here for both so I’m looking forward to enjoying the early summer with him.

Alright, kind of bland post, nothing major to report or talk about. Take care.

Enjoy the video. Found it on my quick nightly browse before bed.




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