Rock Tumblr

I’m hooked.

Now I get all the jokes referencing tumblr, and how it’s just a black hole–sucks me in and it’s relentless, it won’t let me go. It’s not that bad, but it is a great time-killer. Here’s my favorite site:

Just finished Game of Thrones, pretty impressive show, looking forward to the premiere this Sunday, and of course The Killing also premieres (which was very good, TMC– so you know it’s good), so naturally I will not get much sleep on Monday when I catch-up.

A very generous person has sent me a couple GRE, GMAT, and MCAT test books so instead of killing time and watching tv before I go to bed (n/m right after work, that’s a different story), I’ve been skimming these books trying to remind my brain how to study. Hopefully muscle memory will start to kick in, though it wasn’t that strong before…

Off to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Looking forward to the weekend, I hope you all are as well, enjoy, and I hope the weather is nice!



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