Oh the Places You’ll Go…


Most of the pictures from my last 8 months of travel have been consolidated in my Facebook album, Got Me in a Trance (I and II), however, I’ve recently added pictures on my Google Picasa Web Albums so those who aren’t friends of mine on Facebook or don’t have an account can still see them. The web album is still missing London, Normandy, Paris, and Solden, Austria pictures.

It’s amazing the places we’ll go in our lifetime and I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit such amazing places as well as live in Germany. It’s a hard job.  In November, Josh and I took a trip to Normandy, France. We hired a tour guide to give us a personalized Band of Brothers tour and explored most of the sites walked upon American soldiers. The trip was definitely a highlight of fall. The following weekend, during the Veterans Day four-day, we flew to London. London was also honoring Veterans with their Remembrance Day, everyone wore red poppy flowers on their coats and jackets. We packed a lot into that trip; Broadway show, London Eye ride, and my favorite event–England vs. Spain Futbol Game! The last time they played each other we were in Barcelona and Spain won, this time around, the same teams were playing outside the city in Wembley stadium, and lo and behold England won this match! It was a very exciting match, the game was sold-out and while we tried to sneak out minutes before the end of the game, stadium attendees had the same thought and were stampeding out of the stadium, bee-lining for the metro.  We got on and actually got a seat on the tram but it was packed by the time we departed from the station.

My next venture is up in the air right now. The group I normally travel with on 4-day weekends will be headed to Greece in February, but due to my big move at the end of that month I will be opting out. Instead, I’ll be visiting S.C. for the weekend! One of my good friends will be moving back to the states in the middle of Feb and I will be taking over her apartment. I live in an apt. right outside the Bamberg centre and this apt. is right on the main street. I’ll look outside my window and see the biggest intersection in Bamberg. I CAN’T WAIT! I love downtown Bamberg, and when I live downtown I’ll be able to walk 100yards and go to the farmers market, walk down to the river, go to restaurants and cafes, and so on. The best part will be going out at night and not having to walk 2-3 miles, or take a taxi, home. The apartment is very cozy, it has high ceilings, a big bathroom and decent size kitchen, and will be open to any guests that want to come visit me!!

So this next month I’ll be busy packing and getting ready for the move. The apartment is 4 flights up so it will not happen all in one day. I’ve asked for movers to come but the quote they gave me was way out of my budget. So my plan is to pack a day at a time and by the end of the week I should have two trips full of boxes and little odds and ends. So in three weeks (before I leave for the U.S.) I should have a majority of my household goods out and will finish when I get back with the big end items like my couches, rug, and bed.  I’m really looking forward to this move, ecstatic about the chance to live downtown in the city, something every young person should experience, at least once!

I’ll keep you posted…bet you didn’t think you’d get a post from me for another 3 months…; )

Hope all is well!


p.s. I rushed this post and I’ve only looked over it once, as per usual, sorry for the hasty writing and rushed grammar.


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