Well Helllooo There…

Bernkastel-Kues: Mosel River Cruise w/ Josh

Morning, Afternoon, Evening,

I realize I haven’t written a post, in what seems like forever, and I’m sorry for my absence.  A little bit has changed; I have a new job, I’ve been promoted, friends have PCS (permanent change of duty station=on to their next job)…yet there is a lot that’s still the same. I am still traveling whenever I can, I’m very happy (maybe more so than before), I have great friends and family that are fun and supportive. All in all I’ve had a great year and the New Year, though early, is off to a great start.

I saw most of you (most readers) over the holiday and enjoyed seeing you all! It was a nice long break and I got to see most of my family, sans a sibling and Aunt or two, and most of my good friends.

I came back on the weekend of the MLKJ holiday and took a trip to the French Riviera with a couple of friends. We stayed in Nice, took a day trip to Ezé, Monaco, and Cannes. It was absolutely beautiful, weather was low 60’s, and sunny! But enough bragging…

I’m not writing a long post. It’s one of my resolutions and goals to write a post bi-weekly, at minimum, and more and likely I’ll get side-tracked on a future post and fill you in then.

Quick update:

  • Promoted to 1LT, 06Jan2012
  • Moved to Brigade Headquarters (same higher command I was under in the company) to be the Public Affairs Officer. The Deputy Commander of Brigade, who was the Battalion Commander when I was in the Company, pulled me over in November. It’s a great opportunity and it will be quite a learning experience. For one I’ll be able to work on my writing skills…much needed! I know!
  • Tried out for the CST in September but was medically dropped for mononucleosis (couldn’t I have gotten that in high school geesh!), and recently I broke my big toe in a little wrestling accident…I immediately heard my Mom in my head “stop horsing around or someone’s going to get hurt”. But I’m determined for this gig, I’ve put in my application to try out for CST, again, last week. When I hear news I’ll relay it here.

Actually those are really work-related updates…I don’t like delving too deep into my personal business but most of you that are reading this know from recent talks and pictures that I am very happy in my personal life. : )

I’ll write soon, my main goal for this post was to shoot out a quick update and hello.

*I’ve really enjoyed some of the Shit ____ Says videos

Take Care,



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