Madre Visit!

My Mom visited last week!!! We went to Salzburg and Prague and of course I showed her around Bamberg. My Dad surprised her for her big birthday and up until the ticket counter she thought they were headed to Canada for a bike tour. She was only upset that my Dad wasn’t joining her but I think she’ll get over it. I posted the pics and I must warn you that there are 488. Including the oohhh so many unflattering pics of yours truly. My Mom did not want any pics deleted and therefore you have all original untouched pics, not just the select few I usually post. Enjoy and I hope everyone had a GREAT Friday and weekend!

Back to work this week and I’m three coffees deep and I still feel restless and tired. Lots of catching up to do and I still have to get ready for school next week. Two weeks in Vilseck for the Communication Security class. Should be fun, and by fun I mean relaxing 9-5 work days with no outside obligation. We will see…maybe I’ll have time to finish The Wire. I’m hooked. Okay done for the day, off to go clean my house and run errands.


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