Spring Cleaning


Here are pictures from my Munich, Dresden, Rothenburg, and most recently Krakow trip. All of the cities were great, some had better highlights than others but they were all unique in their own way. I saw Katy Perry in Munich not necessarily the city; Dresden had a gorgeous Markplatz; Rothenburg was small and quaint yet bustled with energy; Krakow was a pleasant surprise. I went to Krakow with the thought, “who the f chose Krakow?” Not only was it going to be twenty degrees cooler than our hometown of Bamberg as well as my alternative weekend spot Paris, but it’s Eastern Europe so I was assuming a dreary idle city. Not only was it the complete opposite but as of right now it’s easily in my top five. I believe a lot of this had to do with the company I went with: fun, outgoing, loose with their schedule, smart, and most importantly funny. I had an absolute blast and I hope to go on another trip with them soon.

The most moving experience had to be going to Auschwitz. I’ve read and heard of this horrific place but to go there in person is something completely different. We were lucky enough to get included into a tour which took about 4-5 hours. First they take you through the Auschwitz Camp then they take you to the Crematorium in Birkenau. The reality hits when you walk into the buildings and see the display of all the personal belongings the victims traveled with and when you see the pictures. It’s beyond disturbing but it’s a necessary reminder to our world of the atrocities that occurred. Jaw dropping really. I’ll think I’ll go watch The Pianist again.

Switching topics…This past month I was prepping and running a “mission” in the field. We got back earlier than expected which pleased everyone, especially me, and we were all able to enjoy and take advantage of the 4 day weekend. The field experience was great, learned a ton. The week I got back my commander was out for school so I kept staying busy with extra cmdr duties but it wasn’t bad. Now I’m back with my platoon focusing more on this role as opposed to my executive officer role. This is the only opportunity to be a platoon leader and my peers and mentors say I should take full advantage of this time, not try to rush being a captain or working with battalion. Today’s been really slow though…still recovering from the field and 4 day.
Pretty beat…actually this whole day I’ve been straining to keep my eyes open. So I’m going to cut this post short on story time and head to bed. I’ll write soon.

Next adventure…maybe Amsterdam’s Queen Day aka one of the largest street parties in the world! we’ll see…


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