Budapest- The Parliament



Finally with internet!!!!! Which means I can keep up with music, movies, lives (f-book lives), and Skype not via an iPhone camera. Oh, and of course, post pictures and update my blog post more regularly.

I hope this post finds you well and healthy. With all the crazy weather, Mother Nature seems to be so bi polar lately, I hope you’re staying warm when it’s snowing cats and dogs and getting outside when it’s unseasonably warm and cool.

I’ve uploaded pictures from my Budapest trip from last month along with a couple of pics from my nights in Bamberg. The gentlemen you see are a few of my fellow LT’s that have welcomed me into their family of late night drinking and clubbing. They’re my “mister”, what’s the equivalent to mistress or other lady?, to my boyfriends at home. They don’t know me like my true loves but they’re there to talk to and hang out with since the originals are not. Seriously what’s the male equivalent of mistress…

Works been steady, we have a “mission” in Grafenwoehr next month which will put me out in the field for about a month. I’m surprisingly looking forward to this, it’s a month away from the office and b.s. that goes along with that aspect of the Army. It’ll be a good learning experience too because I’m working with the water platoon and have yet to see them in action.

I’m scatter brained right now so I apologize for this post hopping from one random subject to the next.

Lately I’ve done some serious furniture shopping for my apartment. A large majority of the govt furnishing is out, it was only preventing me from buying my own stuff, and a good portion of my new furnishing is in! I’ve still got a lot to do in terms of small item decor but I’ve knocked out the living room furniture set, rug, and tv, as well as the “reading” room bookcase, rug, and foyer set up. I haven’t touched my kitchen, bedroom, or closet room. My bedroom has my bed and that’s it, my kitchen as the kitchen cabinets, fridge, stove, sink and dryer (all either govt or pre-installed). My closet room is just that, clothes & shoes everywhere with the govt wardrobes, dresser, mirror, and my parents former white couch posing as a temporary laundry folding area…it’s like that chair you always threw your clean clothes on and your mom would get on you to hang up or put away your clothes. Now its a couch.  Just Skype me for the grand tour!

I’m sure I’ve missed some updates but if you want to know anything you know how to reach me.

Miss you (a large majority of the readers not brought here by Word Press’s random post generator ; )



2 responses to “Comeback

  1. So what side was better… Buda or Pest???

  2. Kels! Did you love Budapest? I went there too when I was traveling – thought it was a really neat place, especially the hike up where you could look down on the whole city!

    Miss you!

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