Long time no post. I still don’t have internet. I came in early to the Community Activity Center (CAC) where they have free wifi and hopefully I’ll be able to download some music.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and holiday season! For Christmas I went to my sponsors house where another couple and single LT and I had a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Afterward I went to the Bamberg Cathedral and saw the Bamberg Orchestra and Boys Choir at the Midnight Mass. It was a beautiful service, though, I didn’t understand a single word. Christmas Day I unpacked all my clothes and finally made an attempt at cleaning my apartment. It’s slowly beginning to look like a respectable living area. I need to get some furniture and hang pictures but without a car it’s pretty difficult. I rented a BMW yesterday—it’s nice. Reeaaal Nice! and I’m planning on running errands and completing some long overdue chores with the new found freedom. I only have it until Thursday night-we have a 4 day weekend for MLK Birthday and I’ll be leaving for Budapest Friday morning-so my freedom is short lived.

Back tracking a bit–For New Years I went to Hurghada, Egypt. It was a resort, real touristy, and I didn’t leave the property. I just lounged in the sun and got a nice lil glow, which was the sole purpose of the vacation. I’ve turned into a ghost here and I desperately needed that Vitamin D. Nothing special to report on my New Years trip.

I’m really looking forward to Friday and this weekend. Friday morning I leave on a 9 o’clock train and head to Budapest, Hungary where I’ll be staying at the Corinthia Hotel. I got a great deal on Voyage Prive (click the link to be invited-there’s great deals in the US and internationally) and I’ll be staying there until Monday. Sunday afternoon I bought $18 Opera tickets at their Opera House which apparently is a sight to see in itself. I’m really looking forward to the pampering weekend. This past week I was out in the field conducting a MK19 Range and lost my whole weekend. Figured I’d compensate myself this coming weekend. A big plus is I might be meeting a couple friends I met here in Bamberg. I ran into one of them last week and a couple of them are back from their block leave (a long break from work your authorized before and after a deployment–they just came back in November) and they rented an apartment for the weekend. So hopefully I’ll have at least one night out with them, they’re always a fun time.

I’ll write to you soon, after the weekend more and likely, and post pictures of my trip. I’m off to see how much music I’ve missed and check the Daily What.

Miss and Love,



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  1. Glad to see all is well. For some reason I feel like you would get a kick outta this:

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