Moving In

I’m writing this from my phone because for the next week or two I won’t have access to the Internet from my computer. As convenient as surfing the web is on the phone it’s not ideal for writing emails or posts. Yesterday I officially moved into my apartment and amazingly the housing department was able to place furniture in it the same day. Actually within the same hour I asked for it, I had to sprint public trans to get back and they still beat me. Today the appliances came- all new: refrigerator, washer, dryer, and stove top. I can’t wait to start making my own meals again, especially eggs in the morning. I’ve been living off dessert aka chocolate croissants for the past few weeks. I’m not going to lie they were very tasty but I know I shouldn’t start making it a habit haha. Headed to post now to buy a couple neccesotites that slipped my mind; bath towel yea you don’t realize how much of a luxury it is until your walking around a freezing house, blanket and pillow for bed- last night I used my winter jacket which surprisingly worked but my feet were a lil cold. A lot of my small stuff like blankets, clothes, cooking gear are coming next Friday so until then I’m going to live and eat like a rich hobo. Hopefully got the gym which is by far the nicest building on post. K ciao and cross your fingers for me and Internet- this took way too long to write.


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