We’re Young and We’re Bored

Here’s a music post. All random but hopefully you’ll find something you like. Here in the Deutschland the music is about 5 years late which is surprisingly awesome! They still play some new stuff but the majority of the songs date back to high school or early freshman year. Their throwbacks are ten years old which is even better–it really gets me (and all the Americans) giddy!

Before I left BOLC I got hooked on Rock Band (coughChristmascough) and it was an absolute blast to play, even sober ; ) One song on the game always got the other girl and I riled up haha. Also, parents, I would need a PS3 to play…just saying.

Throwback/Rock Band Song: Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know

New Rihanna- S&M not for the bashful

Staying on the dance track, new Ke$ha- Blow ‘we’re young and we’re bored’ right on target

Simma down now: Rock City-Take Her Home and Bruno Mars- Grenade (if you saw her eyes open, weren’t your eyes open too? doesn’t add up)

Matt & Kim- Good for Great If you like Cameras you’ll probably enjoy this too

Cee-Lo Green-It’s Ok tell me your foots not tapping

Mashup: Brenton Duvall- Mean Planes & Taylor Gangs

Ellie Goulding- Your Song great cover of Elton John

I’ve been listening to Mumford & Sons for the past week, here are a couple highlights of the cd, in no particular order:

The Cave

White Blank Page

Winter Winds

Hope at least one song tickled your fancy. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll write again soon. Today I have one appointment to see an apartment and then I’m off to find a phone!! Windows 7 or Iphone?!!! Probably whichever one has the best deal…


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