Nice woman offered to take my picture in front of the Bamberg Cathedral

I’m making a Google Web Album. Here’s the link. Let me know if you can’t access the album.

Yesterday I started my day off with a look at an apartment which unfortunately was a bit too pricey for me. It had a lot of space and it was right off Lange Strausse which is a main street downtown but the landlord would increase rent if he signed with an US service member. Oh well…on to the next one.

After that I sat outside a cafe and made phone calls to all the realtors. Sipped on some caffe (coffee) and felt oh so European. After I finished all the calls, to which I only made two appointments, I decided to go explore the city again. When you look at the album you can see all the stops I made. The pictures are chronological to my walk. I hope they entice you to buy a plane ticket!


One response to “Pictures

  1. Hi Kelsy!
    I was sitting at work and thinking of how you were doing. It sounds like it is going pretty well by the looks of your pictures and posts. Good luck finding an apartment and being an European… Maybe you can get some tips from Dan on how to look and feel like one but idk if you heard but Mr. British actually got an American job yesterday for KPMG. Needless to say he has been ecstatic since about 11 a.m. yesterday and in saying that you may want to ask for his services soon b/c we may have to start calling him “American Dan” from now on. Keep having fun and maintaining that smile of yours!
    P.S. Keep the pictures coming Germany looks amazing!

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