Happy Birthday Schwester!

Happy Birthday Colleen!!! Sweet 21st!!!!!!!!!! I hope you party as hard as these boys ; )

So today I started apartment hunting, which basically turned into a long afternoon of walking around the city and learning the streets. I found one apartment that would have been in my ideal location but the landlady doesn’t want any Army people.  I originally thought it was because she had a bad impression of the Army but then the Realtor told me it was because she wanted a contract of at least 5 years. I tried talking to the realtor and asking if I could talk with the landlady personally, you know, try to win her over, but she didn’t understand and I gave up. I think I’ll try to go there anyway and talk to the lady personally, it couldn’t hurt.

I imagine looking for an apartment anywhere is hard but when you add the language barrier, oh boy! One Realtor said I would need to have someone with me that spoke German to use them. Fortunately I may be able to use my sponsors friend who goes to the local university. Main goal for the first couple days will be to put my name and number in these agencies so they can call me back if and when new apartments become available. Tonight I compiled a list of all the agencies in the area and I’m either going to them personally or calling them. Tomorrow will hopefully be a bigger step in the right direction to my new apartment. One big positive in this Realtor situation is that the Army will reimburse us for their fee. It’s nice to see that they realized the housing situation and are willing to help us out.

Okie doke I’m exhausted and the hotel has me switching rooms tomorrow night so I need to start cleaning up all my belongings. You’d be surprised how quickly I was able to make a mess…or maybe not.

Wish me luck on my apartment hunt!

Good Night!



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