Gracias! No wait…

^this has nothing to do w/ Germany but I got a good laugh out of it…

I’ve made it! I’m in Bamberg, Germany staying at the lovely Best Western! And there was no sarcasm in that statement. Here’s the link to the site if you want to see where I’m staying.

So I arrived Friday morning, after a sleepless 6 hour flight, in Frankfurt where I waited a good four hours before leaving on a couch bus to Bamberg. The ride to Bamberg was a little more than 3 hours and of course I couldn’t sleep because I was overcome with excitement. Also, I had the whole coach bus to myself since I was the only one headed to this base which made the drive extremely relaxing.

So I arrived at Warner Barracks and was greeted by the 1SG (First Sergeant) who was very welcoming. Not to stray from norm Army standards, no one was notified of my arrival until the day of and fortunately for me he was dropping his son off at football practice and happened to be on post when he got the call to meet me. Then I called my sponsor who picked me up a little while later and took me to my hotel. Quick shower and an hour later my sponsor and his wife took me out to Faessla which is a tradition for newcomers. I got to meet a couple local Germans as well as some of my new coworkers. All of which were very nice and inviting.

The next day, yesterday, I walked to the base and walked around a bit. Tried to get a quick lay of the land, but I woke up around 1:00 and it gets dark around 5 so it was a relatively brief recon. The base is only a mile and half from the hotel and the base itself is small so hopefully it won’t take long to get familiarized with the base and surrounding area. Now on the other side of the bridge (my hotel is right next to Old Town which is in the opposite direction of the base) is where I explored last night.

My sponsor and his coworkers were out in the field last week and missed the oh so important holiday of Halloween and felt that they needed to remedy this with a belated Halloween party. I of course did not bring anything costume related and had a hard time figuring out what to be, creativity is not a strength of mine. I ended up (trying to be) Antoine Dobson, the bed intruder guy. Seen here. Simple black tank top and I used my plaid scarf as a head band. Left my hair crazy aka au natural and of course no one got it, luckily they had a computer hooked up to the tv (which is how they watched the college football games) and I was able to bring up the video. Anywhoo…..that was fun. Party ended up quieting down early in the night so a couple of us decided to go out to a club. Anyone that knows me knows how much I like to dance and all I can say is I didn’t get home until 5 this morning. Just dancing! So, yes, I like it here. Though I do think the states and the curfews they instate are there for our own good. That kind of all night debauchery can’t be healthy in the long run. I’ll justify this, for the time being, by telling myself dancing is good for me, so there, moral dilemma solved.

I forced myself to get up at 10, which sounds easy but it wasn’t, to start getting my mind and body used to the time change. It’s 1430 right now and I think as of today I’ll be 6 hours ahead, with the daylight savings in effect last night. Going to kick my butt into gear and head out for a quick run then organize my stuff and get ready for my first day tomorrow! In-processing woohoo!


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