Bamberg Rathaus

Bamberg Rathaus

I had a doner for dinner tonight which was my first attempt at ordering food. It was delicious, couldn’t tell you what kind of meat I had but no side effects yet so I think I’m good. It was basically a gyro with meat, lettuce, tomato, and onion in a pita pocket with a lil spice for a nice kick.

Went for a little stroll tonight, obviously got lost but that’s how I like to explore, and got to see the Sunday night crowd. Locals walked down the cobblestone roads, church bells rang all across the city when the hour struck, and the rivers rushed down the canals. I felt very safe walking around and I also noticed that the city was very clean. The stores in the city looked great, I might do some serious damage. Cute boutiques, pretty jewelry stores with great looking watches and bags, quaint cafes and hotels with their adjoining restaurants. I don’t think I’ll be able to travel far this weekend but this city will definitely be able to keep me busy with all the gardens, chapels, and museums they have, I can’t wait!

The picture above was one of the bridges I walked across tonight. The lights that lit up the streets and buildings really gave the city a charming presence. It smelled like snow tonight and I think we’re expecting a light shower so hopefully I’ll wake up to white rooftops. Early morning tomorrow so I’m off to bed. Have a great day!

Tschüß (Sounds like “choos” or “juice” and you have to sing it. It means goodbye)

*The picture was edited with Picasa to fill some light, I’m still playing with my new camera and haven’t been able to figure out the best setting for night pictures.


2 responses to “Doner

  1. It’s about time you’ve had a doner bob.

  2. Not fair Kelsy! I’m so jealous!

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