Tonight and a Wake Up

*Frequent Posts From Now On*

Tomorrows the big day! My flight leaves at 7:57PM from Richmond and I’ll be in Germany around 11:00AM!!! All my furniture and household goods were packed up and now it’s just a matter of organizing my checked bags and carry-on. Copying paperwork, getting my playlists set, and updating my media is on my to-do list. Any recommendations for movies?!

This past weekend my good friends came down for a little going away party. My Uncle gave us a huge feast and three days later we still have ribs and chicken leftovers. What made this weekend truly special was my sister and brother came down. This is big because my sister is coming from MT, which is no easy trek, and my brother opted out of a crew meet. All to say goodbye. I’m so thankful for my family and friends. *Congrats to my sis who cleared the Peace Corps processing and is on her way to South or Central America next year!!!

Quick side note that needs to be written: The friends that came this weekend are people who I have admired and loved since meeting them my sophomore year. I always reflect back to Taylor year as one of the best because that’s when I made these friendships. Whether they knew it or not I was going through a rough patch and having my roommate and hall mates there to distract me was more helpful than they know. They included me, lent an ear, opened their arms, and most importantly made me laugh. Having them here this weekend cemented my already firm beliefs that these are people who I will keep in touch with well beyond graduation. Okay, that’s all for now ; )

The Marine Corps Marathon was also this past weekend, and I want to say Congratulations to all those who ran! All your hard work has paid off and you’ve accomplished something few people can, you are truly amazing!

Off for a quick run..guhh…then to Chipotle to counter it ; )

Have a good night!


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