^s/s of an actual website dedicated to the apologies of bloggers that haven’t posted in a while haha [Sorry Site]

I realize I have not posted in eons. And I’m not writing to post an excuse but…nope there are no buts. I’ve been pretty conscious of the fact, blogging just got put on the back burner and I left it there to fry.

I’m back! (For the time being). Life at Ft. Lee has been pretty nice. These past two weeks have been somewhat intense in terms of prepping and planning for these next two weeks. Tomorrow we leave for a week out in the field only to come back for a short weekend and go at it again the next week. After that it’s down hill- combatives and out-processing. I’m really looking forward to combatives, it’s been awhile since I’ve been bruised up, be it from a rubber ball or person, and it gets us out of the classroom. That’s all I’m going to report back on that front.

Oh! I got a sponsor! A sponsor basically just answers any questions you may have concerning your new unit/station. I’ve heard once you get a sponsor it’s official that you’re going to that station. So I’m still going to Germany! I couldn’t’ be more excited!


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