New Rihanna- Who’s That Chick (Prod. David Guetta) Guetta=Dance

Sam Adams- Some Chords I’m hopefully going to see this Boston boy next weekend!!

New Kanye West- Lord, Lord, Lord

Mash-up of my favorite (only one I’ve seen) Broadway musical and S-Preme- Popular he’s good, I like!

Eric Prydz- Take Me Away reminds me of late high school/early college-good times

Chiddy Bang-The Good Life (prod.Pharrell) get it Chiddy!

Akon- Angel definitely going to be on the radio in the next couple weeks. Might as well get to know it now so you can lip sync it at the party

Maroon 5- Don’t Know Nothing

I’m tired of proving you right by doing everything so wrong/tell me what you really want—–A few posts back I mentioned that Maroon 5 is coming out with a new album, which equates to a couple of months ago, and it’s finally out! Hands All Over is great! I’ve been a fan of their music since seeing them at a John Mayer concert back in ’04. Only reason I remember that year is because my favorite lounge shirt is the concert shirt I bought there and it has ’04 on the front. Some people may think their stuff is redundant but they’re one of the few artists that I can listen to all the way through and not want to change the song. Few albums do that for me; RHCP Stadium Arcadium, any Bob Marley,  and Matchbox Twenty are the select few that are in my elite favorites.

Here’s a link to Green Owl’s remix on “Julia“. I love this song-in every shape and form.

*Let me just vent- Am I only one who can’t put Vimeo videos on wordpress….garhhh frustrating!

rough night last night so I’m off to go piece my life together and get ready for the week. ciao!


One response to “Music

  1. Forget the critics. The new Maroon 5 cd is awesome.

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