Second Week

Hi all!

I have to get ready for this coming week so this is going to be short and sweet. Tomorrow we’re going on the range to get our PMI’s (Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction) to be ready on Tuesday for the qualification training. This is one of the several activities that I need to pass to successfully graduate from BOLC B. I’ve only shot an M16 once but with the training we’ll receive and the fact that they don’t leave until everyone passes I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ll let you know how I did.

The rest of the week is Land Navigation. I did well on this activity last summer and I’ve heard that we go out with partners this time so it shouldn’t be too hard. Other marks we need to pass is our PT (physical training) tests and homework/test assignments. We haven’t received a syllabus or calendar yet but we have a general time-line for the next two weeks. Next week is our AAR which is an After Action Review where, as a class, we’ll discuss with our cadre and instructors how we thought they did training us and what the strengths and weaknesses were throughout the first three weeks. This surprised me because, I think, after the AAR it turns into the classroom-oriented phase of training. So, again, a little confused with the layout of BOLC B but we’re the first class so this is expected.

This past week flew by. The last two days we got to train with the VBS2 which is basically an intense video game for the military. It’s great training and it’s unfortunate we don’t get to use it more. I was the Platoon Leader on the first mission which ended up being the easier of the four (they progressively got harder) but the stress leading up to the mission had me in a funk. Luckily I had some great prior service and experienced convoy leaders talk me through it and got me mentally straightened out. I learned a lot which is the whole point and I’m glad I got to be in charge. When we ran the mission we had a lot of things go wrong but that’s what’s supposed to happen. If nothing happened then that’s not depicting real life and they wouldn’t be doing a good job training us. One thing they keep drilling into our heads is that you’ll plan and plan and nothing will go to plan so you have to plan accordingly. If that makes any sense.

Well I’m losing steam and I’ve spent way too much time writing this. In a couple of days I’ll be in my new apartment (with my new place mats and plants, thanks Mom and Dad!) so I may write to you sooner than later!

Have a great week!



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