New Computer

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates #2

This is my first post on my new Mac computer. Was always a PC girl but I figured I’d give Apple a shot. So far so good. Quick load up, signature ease of use, etc etc

So I’m finally out in the “real world”. I’ve temporarily moved down to Ft. Lee to start my second phase of training, BOLC B, for the Transportation Corp. I’m keeping a daily journal but this week was short and sweet so nothing too crazy to report. Lots of administrative stuff and a couple of briefings on general information as well as a suicide prevention and military justice brief that each lasted 3 hours. All taking place in the new Army Logistics University which is the mecca for all future logistic oriented training from here on out. Our class is the first course being taught at Ft. Lee, all previous ones were at Ft. Eustis an hour south, so no schedule yet and they’re telling us to be flexible, also adding “were still going to give you the best training, we promise.” I don’t doubt them, the facilities are brand spanking new, it’s just going to be a lil chaotic for our class being the guinea pigs.

I’m currently staying at the ValueSpace, the one with the tacky board on the road advertising $239 a week, they’re a relatively new hotel chain but you’ll see them off major highways. I was hesitant to go here but the room is more than efficient. I’m living out of my suitcases but that’s only because I’m moving to my new place next week. Yesterday I found my new apartment for the next 3 months, which is la ti da!! Luxury apartment, fully furnished, huge shower/tub, stainless steel appliances, huge tv with all the channels, king size bed, balcony, pool, clubhouse, gym, the list goes on. It’s not only covered by the Army but it’s cheaper than the hotels other officers are staying in. Oh and 2 bedrooms because the one bedrooms aren’t available til August and since it’s still under the allowance they’re just setting me up in the next available one. So if you want to come visit me (assuming the person reading this is someone I know) then just let me know!

Sunday’s will be my designated post day to family and friends to keep you updated on my stay. If I have time throughout the week I’ll post links and what not but the internet connection is horrendous and it’s taking 5 minutes just to download a song. Not to mention I haven’t watched a YouTube clip in days because it takes too long to upload. Also, no wi-fi so I’m chained to my desk which is very uncomfortable. Sorry for the complaining. Come next week I’ll be in my new digs with wi-fi and everything and I’ll make more link and song posts. I’ve been slacking on the song posts so that will be first on my list.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and making it through this heat wave.

Stay cool,



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  1. Sure will come visit Kels! 🙂

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