A little late but here’s the clip to watch President Obama address questions about the Oil Spill. YouTube- White House

So this looks exciting! Google TV

If you’ve ever wanted to download and save your friends Facebook albums, Pick&Zip looks like a simple way to do so. I’m on the hunt for a new computer so as of right now I’m unable to download any apps or programs to write-up personal reviews. I’m using my Dad’s MacBook which I’m leaning towards buying, but I still need to play and test drive the window pc’s. We’ll see…

What’s the hardest part about playing soccer? Telling your parents your gay. The Onion has the official story.

I’m a huge Aziz Ansari and Zach Galifianakis fan. Here they are together.

And I don’t know why I’m just discovering this series but it’s absolutely hilarious. I love hearing people tell stories when they’re drunk never mind them trying to retell actual historical events. Drunk History. Again, I’m wayyy late on this one

I remember watching this lil guy, Warren the Ape, on his original show, Greg the Bunny with Seth Green and it was hilarious. Of course Fox had to cancel it but whats new. Here’s two clips from the tv.gawker site on his new show, Warren the Ape.  Looks like I’ll have to find out what channel MTV is on

This made me laugh: “This is the epitome of the english swears.” Warning: Little children and pregnant women should not watch this clip ; )

FYI: Starbucks will have free wi-fi starting July 1st


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