Happy Start of The Soccer World Cup Day!


^I don’t know why but the gif isn’t working, you’ll have to click on it to see it play out

This is the only calendar you’ll ever need for the World Cup.  Calendar World Cup 2010

Kayak just launched Explore.  Put in: where your exploring from-your budget-what time frame your thinking about and voila! Kayak finds deals for you, pretty neat! I just tried it:

Exploring from Frankfurt Germany, budget is well under $500, and thinking about the winter (since I’m not coming back to the states)–also added bonus under Explore from it has What? where you can choose your temp range and what activities you want to do…looks like I’m headed to Spain!

This makes me absolutely sick. The Big Picture: Scenes from the Gulf of Mexico

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett formed the production company DumbDumb and here is their first “ad” short-movie for Orbit gum The Prom Date. I absolutely love their humor, loyal fan since Arrested Development, so anything they put out I’ll enjoy. Bateman:”You told me that you were giving her excellent marks.” Arnett: “Nothing a good pair of leggings can’t cover”

Lessons from a Dog


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