ohh hey…

It’s been just over a month since my last post. Sorry! Lot’s going and while it’s still going fast, these next couple weeks should be relatively slow.

So I graduated!!! Before that was Senior Week in the lovely Ocean City, MD (you can’t really sense sarcasm via writing, but it’s there, trust me) and then back to school for Commissioning and Graduation. Then a quick family vacation in Hatteras which was much-needed before my lil escapade to Las Vegas! Got back from Sin City a couple of days ago and finally getting into the rhythm of things back in my hometown.

Last night I went out with a couple of my girlfriends to downtown Annapolis where I got to see a lot of familiar faces. Familiar though doesn’t get you their names…sheesh it was weird. Had to keep it sober though because I had a dentist appointment this morning (which I was a lil late for…oops) now half of my mouth is numb, I hate this feeling. I’m starving and all I want to do is scavenge the kitchen for the new M&M’s w/ pretzels (genius by the way) that my Mom bought last night and more and likely hid. All of the kids in college and they still have to hide food from us, but it’s understandable when your brother consumes a whole package of grasshopper cookies in a sitting.

Kind of went off topic there…oh last night, when the only conversation starter and topic was what you were doing with your life and what your plans were for the summer, it was weird when I replied that I was a 2LT in the Army. Still not used to it. I guess because my training doesn’t start until July 6th and until then I’m not technically active duty. Training will end in late October where I’ll have a month until I have to be in Germany. I’m planning on heading over to Europe early November so I can get my bearings of the continent and hopefully figure out my housing situation. I’m super excited!! Have to start learning some German!

This post was more of an update post than anything else but I’m coming back tonight after I peruse my Google Reader for links of interest and load up some of the music I’ve been listening to.

Back to cleaning my room, Mrs. Doubtfire style of course. To what music you may ask? Glee!! I won’t get started on that finale, holy shit! If you’re not watching this then I highly recommend using your lazy summer days catching up on the season.

See you tonight!



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