I need a new computer badly…

Two nights ago I went to Alfred Hitchcock’s 39 Steps Play, his only comedy material, or so I thought. That was my first play and I loved it. I have seen one musical (Wicked on Broadway–started my admiration for musicals) and watching these actors gave me a whole new respect for their profession. They don’t have the convenience of getting outtakes or breaks, I was really impressed.  Here’s Hitchcock during a sound test for Blackmail. (TDW)

One of my friends went off to Iceland recently and I just stumbled upon this video. Inspired by Icelandthey sold me on the hot springs! I love the song too!

The original Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio makes his FOD debut. He’s too nice for his own good.  It’s such a shame to see a child star actually grow up to be a decent member of society.

This baby is precious and what a sweet brother to let him sleep on him.

Internet Vices. I love YouTube and Facebook’s. Not the drinks, of course, the descriptions.

Jon Lajoie (from FX’s The League) I don’t think I’ve posted his other videos but they’re worth checking out. Some are a lil too much but I like his sense of humor in general

Jane Lynch– she adds so much to Glee (ohh…I can’t wait to re-watch the season!) It’s a promo video but it’s pretty funny. “How not to dress like your best friends ET, there’s an app for that”

I’m seconds away from throwing my computer out the window so I’m going to call it a night.  Music and other links tomorrow.



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