conclusion of the day: faith is expensive

B-E-A-UTIFUL day out today! Learned lots from the people I enjoy being with the most, ate some delicious enchiladas and got to see a couple of boys water-board each other for kicks. How did you celebrate your Easter or holiday?

Some Links:

Things I Hate–dead on w/ Birds.  Seriously, stfu!

Boys Will Be Girls and Girls Will Be Boys : Equally great. “I actually digested a huge gust of wind on my way to work.” hahah

I’m one in 40…definitely a “supertasker”

Disney Copy & Paste

speaking of fairy tales! June 18th is the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ve never been to any of the Disney Parks or Universal Studios so I think before I enter the real world I’ll escape to Harry’s World, who’s with me?!!

It’s funny how your body adjusts to certain foods ; ) also here is a nice visual if you’re trying to eat seasonably. April kind of sucks

For Greg: Buble Raptor…why? why not?


One response to “conclusion of the day: faith is expensive

  1. Hahahahaha

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