Fanciful 19th Century Palace in Schwangau, Germany

I’ve been the epitome of laziness lately. This weekend knocked the heels off my feet (literally) and I’m finally able to sit back and recharge.

So here’s an update:

BIG NEWS: I got my RFO (Request for Orders) last week….drum roll…my first station is Germany!!!!!! I’m beyond ecstatic right now, some areas in my life haven’t been going as planned  and this piece of news seemed to put everything in perspective. One of the main reasons that motivated me to join the Army was the opportunity to see the world and now I’m going to be in the heart of Europe. Not a lot of details yet but as they come in I’ll keep you posted. What I know as of now: I’ll be over there starting 29 Nov. Oktoberfest 2011?! Anyone? Here’s the wiki link to K-Town which is where I’m more and likely going to be stationed.

The Foolish Wagon will act as my liaison with friends and family, keeping them updated on my travels, fyi. So in 8 mos or so you can expect random Euro adventure posts. Hopefully this will entice you to buy a plane ticket and visit me instead of stir up jealous emotions ; )

k–the Neuschwanstein castle (pic) is about 4 hours away but that doesn’t account for my driving. One word-Autobahn! Speaking of speeding…okay Mom I’ll call tomorrow!

Leave you with a couple of songs:

Blitzen Trapper- Heaven and Earth from their upcoming Destroyer of the Void

The Black Keys- Tighten Up produced by Danger Mouse (Brian Burton- Broken Bells)

LCD Soundsystem- Drunk Girls off their unnamed album out May 17th

In honor of Germany: Mash-Up by Germany- Imagine One Day (So Far Away) [Matisyahu/John Lennon/Blink 182/Gentleman/Bob Marley]

Bis zum nächsten Mal

look it up!


One response to “K-Town

  1. the translation is “up to next time” did you mean to say “until next time”?

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