long time no see

^ yes!

His Walken is dead on–Walken and Nicholson re-enact a Willy Wonka scene

I wish these were real–especially freshmen year the dining hall friend locator would’ve come in handy

My stomach just rumbled…can we go soon? you know who you are!

Funny ChatRoulette Improv

New Lonely Island Music Video “Boombox” ft. Julian Casablancas (from The Strokes)

The Bush Jr. and Sr.  Banter hahah (the video it stemmed off of: Presidential Reunion also very funny)

Yes, it is awesome! except when you’re the one doing it…

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything I think the whole youtube community would’ve been up in arms if the student didn’t get an A

I can not get enough of these Onion videos: Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

pic via reddit

that should keep you busy for a while…


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