Have a Gweat Weekend!

wiped my computer the other day (or my school did) so as I wait for my music to load and catch up on last week’s Archer I’ll leave you with some links that caught my eye:

If We Were As Loyal To Our Dogs As They Are To Us going to see Ziggy tomorrow!

Health Supplements-if you’re a visual person like me this site has other information in a beautiful format and layout (hence the name of the site, Information Is Beautiful)

Google Infographic like I said…visual. I didn’t know Google Search supported Elmer Fudd, that’s gweat!

Olympic Appropriate: Miracle- Herb Brook’s Pre-Game Speech by a 4 yr old *favorite comment:  If and when I have children, I am going to pull them out of school and do things like this with them all day long.  sigh…we only got out for the Cherry Blossom Festival

10 Reasons to Avoid Talking On the Phone: #6 The Distracted

Does Tiger Woods Owe You an Apology? Short answer: No

My Dad has a baseball bat next to his bed, we’ve had a couple close calls *cough*Colleen*cough* with late night returns on breaks but nothing damaging yet…I immediately thought of him when I saw this self-defense nightstand.

Babies With Laser Eyes yep that’s it

First time I saw this I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t actually. One helluva optical illusion

This is good for me. DoD embraces social media and networking

night folks! off to DE and MD tomorrow! kick some Blue C***

oh my bad. Hens  ; )


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