couldn’t sleep…


so here’s some links:

CH Internet Distractions I can totally sympathize w/ this one except lets switch out the youporn with my Google Reader

In case you wanted to- Jerzify Yourself!

This was one of my first CD‘s, along w/ The Cranberries and Natalie Merchant–I’d like to thank my Dad for putting me way ahead of the music curve (didn’t really appreciate it back  when pop groups ruled the world)

This reminds me of the Lioness who took care of the orphaned oryx and went on to take care of two more afterwords

When I Had Braces I had to have them twice b/c my orthodontist f***ed up my teeth

music (random):

jj- You Know

DJ Khaled ft. Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and T-Pain- All I Do Is Win

Fiona Apple- Criminal & Paper BagO’Sailor

Happy Groundhog Day! (dedicated holiday post to follow in roughly 3/4 hours–after Phil gives his prediction ; )


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