baby sloth/any baby animal pics = cuteness

Watching Superbad, doing an easy (that’s debatable) crossword puzzle and listening to the new jj no 3 cd.

It’s been a super long day and overall exhausting weekend so listening to jj is shifting me back into neutral.

Plan for the rest of the night- watch the new Family Guy and then hit the hay super early! can’t wait!

here are some songs:

3OH!3- Follow Me Down from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, can’t wait to see this movie

Jason Derulo- Message in the Bottle really liking this newcomer

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Beat the Devil’s Tattoo haven’t listened to the song yet but I’ve been a fan of their earlier work

the reason I haven’t listened to that song—

jj- My Life covers Lil Wayne and The Game song, under the same title, and adds a lil ATC- Around the World at the end—-on repeat

back to my puzzle and jj, good night!

formillionsofyears:  Classic

update: “Always end on a strong joke” Family Guy

[or pic]


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