Music Post

Euww…I can’t wait. I think Jack White is one of the most talented musicians. I’m excited for The White Stripes live album Under Great White Northern Lights out 3/16.

Needs more Justin less Madonna: Across the Sky

Leighton Meester- Your Love’s a Drug I’m really enjoying some of the songs she’s putting out, much to my surprise.

Vampire Weekend- Diplomats Son Mom I think you may enjoy this one. This album is solid, my other favorites are Holiday and White Sky. (Thanks Greg!)

Side note: Watched Archer last night, I would say it was an absolute riot but apparently I say that a lot. It was very amusing…no that doesn’t do it justice, it was an absolute riot! Watching it drunk didn’t hurt but it surely wasn’t the reason I thought it was so funny. It’s quick, and very much my sense of humor. Here’s a better review. You can watch it here.

Also this is one of the reasons I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey: “I’d like for you to meet my friend Tom, Tom Selleck. My mustache.” 3o Rock continues to impress me. Another reason: I imagine Zucker is kicking himself for not using the “imaginary enemy”.


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