Dog, Rat, Drunk Paper Clip Revolution

Sorry for the absence, school’s started up again. Lots of links, some may be a bit dated (at least 3-4 days old) which isn’t bad since some people are “introducing” me to Stumble, something I was addicted to high school.

I think we all saw this coming, the Keyboard Dog! I’m almost surprised it took this long.

He’s such a cutie, even if he does scream like a 10 year old girl. Dennis Quaid on Ellen

The Microsoft Paper Clip Drunk. On Twitter.

I remember reading this article in the BBC Knowledge magazine (highly recommend, on the blogroll) and thinking how almost too perfect this picture turned out. Turns out my inner skepticism was right.

Youtube’s new Music Discovery project looks promising

I’m so excited for all the movies coming out this year. Here’s another trailer: Cyrus

Law firms got a sense of humor. I like this.

Pretty much the only way your going to get me to go golfing.

update: it needs to be alcohol btw, soda won’t do

The Virtual Revolution. Just the intro, no word on the date of this four part series premiere. BBC always has interesting programs, I especially enjoyed watching the documentary on the young British woman who went on a 30 day binge drinking experiment. Didn’t stop me from drinking that night but definitely encouraged my idea to stop drinking after college (or at least tone it down a notch).


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