Our Generations Stalker Song

Listening to Pandora on my Dad’s new christmas toy, the Sonos ZonePlayer, Chris Issak’s “Can’t Do A Thing (To Stop Me)” came on. I thought it was a pretty song…until I started listening to the lyrics. Borderline creepy.

My Dad referred to it as his generations stalker song. Well I’ve found ours. If Issaks song was borderline this one is over the edge, out of the ballpark creepy. Passenger- Walk You Home/Night Vision Binoculars. If that doesn’t tip you off, well then your probably a stalker yourself. Here’s your anthem. To tell you truth I didn’t watch the video, I was too nervous.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, both of them. It’s such a catchy tune! The first time I listened to it I failed to catch the lyrics I was so entranced by its beat. Second time went something like this: “wait…what? ‘I know where you keep your skirts/I know where your secrets lurk’ hold the phone..secralurkawhat?!”

That didn’t stop it from making its way over to my “like” playlist. A notable thing for any song in my library.


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