afternoon links

^ hehe sneaky seal

this will hopefully be my next phone. Of course I have to wait until Spring, I should probably start saving now.

I haven’t taken an in-depth look at this piece but it looks really interesting. Trends and Technology Timeline for 2010

This is completely off the technology theme this post was originally headed in but this is why I love dogs. A young boy in BC was almost attacked by a cougar and his dog, Angel (fitting), saved him.

fyi: The dog on my banner, on top of the picnic table, is my dog Ziggy. Bob just didn’t work.


Vampire Weekend – Sophomore album Contra on their myspace page. stream only. Album is planned to be released Jan. 12th

I’ve already posted one song by jj but here are a couple of their songs via youtube. I’m looking forward to their album coming out March 9. It’s a very graceful peaceful sound. Hard to describe, but I’m not the most articulate person in the world (or in a 10ft. radius for that matter) so take a listen and see for yourself.

jj- Ecstasy

jj- Things Will Never Be The Same Again

crapt shoot- late for work- adios!


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