a few more

Pauly D Gives Michael Cera a Jersey Shore Makeover

Nic Cage as Everyone…that’s it, nothing else.

Go Pepsi! It’s not like I went out and purchased a liter when I watched the Super Bowl. Hopefully other big names will follow in pepsi’s philanthropic footstep.

While my family and I watched Avatar we came across this exact situation. 5 minutes into the movie (looong movie) we were out of popcorn. Congrats James Cameron. It was a visual masterpiece, however, it’s my belief that he was watching his kids movies; The Ferngully, Pocahontas, and rewatching his Titanic when he thought of this movie. In fact this guy agrees w/ me in the Pocahontas regard.

I liked the Goonies but Sloth scared the crapt out of me. Here’s a song for Sloth.

ohhh woow! The Baby-Sitters Club, revamped?! The next generation would be so lucky.

Good night…tm3YU.jpg (480×360)


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