karate guido

Anything with Jaden Smith I will see. Anything Smith related I will see. It will more and likely be good despite my bias for the love of the family (it’s my personal opinion they are the one couple in Hollywood that can actually make it).  So when I saw this trailer for the remake of The Karate Kid I was a little skeptical but given my infatuation with the Smith family I gave it a peek. Final Verdict: looks good

But really what else am I going to do while my body recovers from last night (thanks Annapolis, your always fun). That and the Jersey Shore just ended, omg I hate trashy TV but this one sucked me in. People without filters are always amusing but when you add the cameras,  the major ego boost from being on the cameras, and the lovely guido in its natural habitat, you’ve got comedy bronze. Your laughing at them, not with them.

So how does this demographic grow/procreate? You’ve seen the amazing Planet Earth video of the Bird of Paradise mating dance (seen here) well guidos can’t touch that but they come close. Here is some not so rare footage of the guido mating dance. Fist pumping is still regarded as the most common form of guido mating signals.

Family Stuff: Chipotle is always satisfying but apparently not for my brother. He needed dessert, which is fine (in moderation, nothing I follow) and choose the delicious, closest to a GS thin mint cookie, keebler grasshopper cookie.  He didn’t have just one grasshopper cookie though, he had the whole package. Apparently moderation is something he doesn’t follow either. He’s not proud, and he feels sick. Proves him right for not sharing.


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