The Origin of The Foolish Wagon

First post.

hmm…. I guess to start I’ll tell you how I came up with “The Foolish Wagon”.  I would’ve started a blog a couple of months ago but the name eluded me. What’s something that will stick, say something about me, maybe be a little inside joke with my family and friends, etc.? It hit me on the 19th of December during the Blizzard of ’09 (18” last time we checked–record breaker in the works!) as I was talking with my mom and sister. We weren’t talking about anything relative but out of the blue I knew, “The Foolish Wagon!”  Yep, that’s it. I knew it. Not really climatic.

My mom’s dad, my Poppie, would always tell my sister and I that we were on the “foolish wagon” when we started laughing. Not the every day normal laughter but rather the uncontrollable laughter where your stomach hurts, your eyes water, and you can barely breathe. Then afterwards comes that great sigh of relief, realizing you can actually breathe and calm down. I’ve been told my sister and I have a very similar laugh, especially when it’s a hearty (gasping for air) laugh so whenever we would get started we would feed off of each other’s silliness and ride the foolish wagon for a while. Half of the time we kept laughing was because of the phrase itself…what does that even mean?!

Anyways, I like to laugh. I love hearing people laugh, it instantly puts a smile on my face. So this blog will not only be a way of keeping in touch with my family and friends but also, hopefully, bring some laughter to anyone who views it. Now, as a disclaimer, all postings will not be humorous. Some will be about my family (they hound me to keep a diary of all our dysfunctional sayings, car rides, fights, and what have you, then turn it into a movie…this is as close as I can get to a diary) others will just be my observations, my findings on the internet, random jibber jabber. Like a kitchen sink cookie made up of comedy, movies & tv, science, cooking/food (TJ groupie), gossip and fashion (but not excessively).

Eat up and Enjoy!

Come again,



3 responses to “The Origin of The Foolish Wagon

  1. YAY! I love it!

  2. haha omelets my staple!! i love her voice it cracks me up

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